Aerial Filming and Ultra HD Photography

Market Advantage

Why market your services in the same way as your competition?

Creative drone aerial filming will make your business stand out.  Drone Focus was formed to help you revolutionize how you market your services.  Our drone aerial filming platforms are a unique method to attract new clients and boost your revenue.  Drone Focus creates ultra-smooth 4k aerial video utilizing our 3 axis gyro-stabilised brushless gimbal, with full 360° rotation.

Our pilots have undergone strict training and have permission to fly granted by Transport Canada. Our license enables us to climb up to 400ft creating dramatic aerial video, shots previously only achieved via a helicopter.

Drone Focus has in-house video editors using the latest software to offer you a start to finish service. We will work with you to understand your project and deliver unrivaled results.



Once on site, Drone Focus crew can set-up and begin shooting aerial photography in as little as fifteen minutes. We can fly up to 400ft above ground with a live video downlink to show you exactly what our camera is seeing from the sky.

The traditional method of using helicopters and light aircraft for imagery is not only expensive but it limits you to their flight paths and has altitude restrictions, this means that you will have limited detail of the subject with a very short window to capture the image.

Challenging Locations?

Perfect for estates, farm country, islands, hillsides and difficult to access locations.  Drone Focus unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) can cover large area's quickly and provide aerial imagery from all angles.   

In the past, many images just would not have been possible or practical.  Drone Focus UAVs can be flown in locations and airspace that require Transport Canada waivers to legally operate within.  The Drone Focus crew secure the permits and handle the legal legwork so that you can focus on the shot.

What is 4K?


4K resolution, also called "4k", was named because it has roughly 4000 pixels of horizontal resolution.  Pixels are the dots that make up on-screen images, and the more pixels there are, the sharper and more realistic images look.

Meanwhile, standard 1080p and 720p resolutions were named because of their vertical resolution.

The new 4k standard, sometimes known as "Ultra High Definition", renders more than four times higher image definition than 1080p resolutions.

Digital cinema formats