Aerial Photography

Creative aerial video, combined with stunning ultra HD photographs will help your business rise above the crowd. Drone Focus was formed to help you revolutionize how you market your services or products using the latest in drone and photographic technology.

Property Developers

We can use our drones to produce a panorama of the view at certain altitudes above ground. The panoramas are complete sphericals showing the view in all directions, including straight down. Now, prior to building, you’ll know the exact view from a certain height. These 360s can be viewed on any computing device.

Industrial Inspections

Drones are the perfect tool for getting a close up look at your industry. Roof, tower, equipment, plant and site inspections using unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) are an effective way to keep your employee's out of harms way and obtain a high definition digital record of the inspection.

2D/3D Drone Mapping

We deploy a highly accurate drone mapping platform, customized to any specific area that needs close inspection. We supply 2D and 3D maps in ultra high resolution, providing invaluable insight for industries like farming, construction, mining, and land and resource management.
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Certified UAV Drone Operator

In order to use a drone for commercial applications a Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC) issued by Transport Canada is required.  Drone Focus has an SFOC and is fully certified to fly drones for commercial purposes up to an altitude of 400 feet within the borders of British Columbia.