Real Estate

Gorgeous Real Estate Photography

Real estate sales agents choosing to use aerial drone presentations can get an edge on their competitors and grab the attention of potential clients. 

Low altitude and medium to close range aerial photography and videos will take your real estate presentations to a new level.


Benefits include:

  • Ability to showcase the entire estate
  • Perfect for waterfront, hillside, island or properties with challenging access
  • Highlight the property from all angles
  • Elevated shots of local amenities such as parks, golf courses and forests

Why use Drone Focus?

  • We are insured to operate unmanned air vehicles (UAVs)
  • We comply with Transport Canada regulations
  • We handle all the permits required by Transport Canada (Special Flight Operating Certificate)
  • We communicate and liaise with air traffic control to ensure the safety of flight for all operators in the airspace

Commercial and Industrial Developments

Drone Focus can assist your architectural and engineering team throughout the design and development process.   We can provide the latest site imagery in a variety of formats to assist in keeping your project on budget and on time.

  • Pre-development images
  • Assist in building orientation
  • Demonstrate the view from a future floor elevation
  • Imagery for site plan and visual impact studies
  • Monitor construction progress (and get regular updates)
    • Repeatable flight paths allow us to return to the exact same location to record progress (weekly, monthly etc.)