Yacht Photography & Video

Power, Sail or Construction

Based on Vancouver Island, Drone Focus is experienced in over water flying to capture stunning aerial video or stills for the marine and yachting sector.

From sailing regattas to filming yachts and large vessels, we are experienced in flying over water and capable of taking off from and landing on vessels.

Ten miles from land, over a marina or up a muddy creek, Drone Focus can provide you all the benefits of aerial imagery in a safe and professional manner.

Whether marketing a vessel, inspecting those hard to reach masts heads or planning marine construction works, Drone Focus can get the images you need in the notoriously difficult-to-cover maritime environments.

Modern Yacht Technology

Formerly the realm of helicopters, now unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) can offer a number of significant befits when compared to manned aircraft.

Benefits include:

  • Much lower operating cost
  • Capable of flying closer vessels and equipment
  • Fewer airspace restrictions - flights can be made while in the harbour or out at sea
  • Digital record of inspections targeting even the smallest area's 
  • Lower environmental impact - both noise and emissions are greatly reduced
  • Keeping your personnel out of harms way
Yacht Sailboat Mast Inspection